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Manufacturing: the machines catalog covers any phase of the manufacturing cycle, from cutting of sheet metal with laser or parallel hydraulic shears to punching with numerically-controlled machines, folding with numerically-controlled hydraulic press-brakes and assembly by spot and/or regular welding of products.

Paint: on request, MDF can also provide dust-painted products using internal lines, in the standard RAL colors (smooth, textured, glossy, semi-glossy and matt finish) and/or other specific RAL colors as requested by customers.

Assembly: MDF is able to complement the frames with the provision of additional components on specific request (soundproof material, seals, fasteners, etc.), guaranteeing full supply and management of the necessary materials and components, handling and shipping.

Packaging: on specific request, our company can package finished products on wood pallets built ad hoc for any type of need and protect the goods with high-impact materials (bubble-wrap, cardboard, nylon, etc.).

Delivery: we are able to provide pre-finished and ready products at the place of destination required by our customers both in Italy and abroad through heavy haulage companies.

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