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Over the years MDF has evolved diversifying production in various types of products such as:

  • soundproof metal enclosures for air compressors and all purpose enclosures;
  • containers for grinding and recycling of plastic material (hoppers);
  • motor housing;
  • support structures and housings for buses;
  • gold-working frames;
  • ships instruments housings;
  • soundproof enclosures with accessories (handles, hinges, screws, etc. ), frame industrial machining for limited batches, etc.

Frames are manufactured in a regime of quality control and using the most advanced technologies. They are intended for different uses, and include among other things:

  • industrial compressor enclosures;
  • air deflectors for motors;
  • HVAC components;
  • transport vehicles accessories.

Some of our products are shown in the photographic gallery.

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